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Flora Grubb

If you’re serious about gardens then you’ve heard of Flora Grubb (yes-that’s her real name!). The patron saint of modern horticulture, Flora is known for her love of creating swoon-worthy gardens using native plants. Not your average garden supply shop, Flora Grubb Gardens is an exuberant space filled with lush plantings, beautiful succulents, aeriums and [...]

12 Hours in Tiburon

12 Hours in Tiburon thumbnail

Tiburon, California is a former railroad town in Marin County that occupies most of the Tiburon Peninsula reaching south into the San Francisco Bay. A mere fifteen minutes from the bustling city of San Francisco, Tiburon is a picturesque and idyllic town reminiscent of a quaint New England fishing village. Here is my favorite way to [...]

Put Down that Louis Vuitton!

Put Down that Louis Vuitton! thumbnail

Women of Marin, put down that logo handbag!  You buy your organic dairy from grass-fed cows lovingly raised on a nearby farm.  You scour the farmer’s market for produce picked mere hours before being sold at the stand.  When you do actually eat carbohydrates, you buy locally prepared artisanal bread and pasta.  The fact is, [...]

A Fun Day in NYC With Your Kids (Really)

A Fun Day in NYC With Your Kids (Really) thumbnail

I absolutely loved raising my kids in New York. It’s an amazing place to live and has so much to offer.  Though we are now firmly planted in the Bay Area we return to NYC several times a year (you can take the girl out of the city…).  People often ask me for suggestions when [...]

Ticket Chocolate

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When AmberLee Fawson, a self-proclaimed hot chocolate addict created a recipe for hot chocolate on a stick and posted it to her (insanely popular) blog four years ago it quickly became one of her most popular posts.  She received so many requests to make it available for purchase that she soon realized she had hit [...]

Jewelry by Hsu-Lee Designs

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Shirley Tsung-Crowley did not start out designing jewelry. In fact, after getting her degree in biotech and microbiology she worked for ten years in the pharmaceutical industry. Though she always loved science, her passion remained with the arts and, inspired by a hand-made necklace given to her by a friend, Tsung-Crowley tried her hand at [...]

Love Letter to Marin Country Mart

Love Letter to Marin Country Mart thumbnail

    Dear Marin Country Mart, I’ve been meaning to write this letter to you for a while now. When I first moved to the Bay Area I saw your flyer for the summer Wednesday Night Movies on the Green so I packed up the kids and a picnic and headed out, not expecting very [...]

Girl’s Day Thursdays

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Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week. My four year old daughter, Sidney, goes to pre-school 4 days a week and the weekends are a time for the entire family to spend together but Thursday is special. Thursday is Girl’s Day and until we pick up my son from kindergarten, we are [...]