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If you’re serious about gardens then you’ve heard of Flora Grubb (yes-that’s her real name!). The patron saint of modern horticulture, Flora is known for her love of creating swoon-worthy gardens using native plants. Not your average garden supply shop, Flora Grubb Gardens is an exuberant space filled with lush plantings, beautiful succulents, aeriums and a multitude of trees and plants. Flora creates modern works of art using native plants that do not waste water (something we can all get behind) as well as indoor and outdoor vertical gardens. When visiting her shop, you will be enchanted by the quirky space that includes a vintage Edsel exploding with creative plantings, bicycles suspended from the ceiling and dripping with plants, richly colorful planters and outdoor furniture (including comforting heated lounges by Galanter & Jones perfect for chilly Bay Area nights), an Aerium Bar and a Potting Bench. Flora Grubb is a must-see if you are in or near the Bay Area. While there, be sure to check out the “All Good Pizza” truck and outdoor art space on the corner for excellent pizza and pressed sandwiches.

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One of the things I noticed when driving around San Francisco for the first time were the little houses encasing the portable toilets outside of the homes being renovated in neighborhoods like Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights.  I was already blown away by the fact that, unlike in NYC, many SF city dwellers lived in houses (with garages!) but to realize that even the porta-potties had houses was almost too much.  The enclosures, built by the construction companies while remodeling homes, are meant to cover up an eyesore but also serve as advertisement for the construction company itself.  Portable art at its finest.

Some enclosures are made of simple wooden lattice boards.


While others are more modern and sleek.

IMG_9212Modern Collage

My favorite had decorative glass windows.

porta windowIMG_9226IMG_9227

On looks alone I’d choose this construction company for my remodel.




The Secret Stairways of Belvedere

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I have what may be viewed by some as an irrational, exuberant, over the top love of stairs. It began when a friend introduced me to the stairs on Magnolia Street in Larkspur.  I climbed them each morning for months then moved on to the six hundred plus stairs at the foot of the Dipsea [...]

Put Down that Louis Vuitton!

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Women of Marin, put down that logo handbag!  You buy your organic dairy from grass-fed cows lovingly raised on a nearby farm.  You scour the farmer’s market for produce picked mere hours before being sold at the stand.  When you do actually eat carbohydrates, you buy locally prepared artisanal bread and pasta.  The fact is, [...]

Off the Grid Picnic

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If you stop by the Off the Grid Picnic at the Presidio, be sure to come hungry. Every Sunday between March through October from 11-4 the Main Post Lawn is lined with vendors from some of San Francisco’s best restaurants, farmer’s markets and retail shops. They even have games for the kids and, my favorite, [...]

Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field

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From May 22, 2013 through May 26, 2014 visitors to Crissy Field can enjoy a public art installation by artist Mark di Suvero courtesy of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.   The installation is composed of eight impressive sculptures spanning up to fifty feet high and forty feet wide.  Crissy Field, with its spectacular [...]

Ticket Chocolate

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When AmberLee Fawson, a self-proclaimed hot chocolate addict created a recipe for hot chocolate on a stick and posted it to her (insanely popular) blog four years ago it quickly became one of her most popular posts.  She received so many requests to make it available for purchase that she soon realized she had hit [...]

Jewelry by Hsu-Lee Designs

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Shirley Tsung-Crowley did not start out designing jewelry. In fact, after getting her degree in biotech and microbiology she worked for ten years in the pharmaceutical industry. Though she always loved science, her passion remained with the arts and, inspired by a hand-made necklace given to her by a friend, Tsung-Crowley tried her hand at [...]

Lululemon and Patagucci

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Since becoming a mother I have given up many things: free time, sleep, my dignity. But I absolutely refuse to give up my sense of style. When my friend, Mike, learned that I was moving to Marin he warned me, “You won’t be able to wear any of your clothes there. They don’t dress in [...]