February 2013

Love Letter to Marin Country Mart

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    Dear Marin Country Mart, I’ve been meaning to write this letter to you for a while now. When I first moved to the Bay Area I saw your flyer for the summer Wednesday Night Movies on the Green so I packed up the kids and a picnic and headed out, not expecting very [...]

What’s With The…

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people at Peet’s who give you the stink eye because you dare to speak with someone at a nearby table while they are having a very important “business meeting” in their office, er, I mean the freaking coffee shop!!! pedestrians in Marin who just step out into the street without even looking for oncoming traffic [...]

Mid-Week Roundup: Ski Week

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This week is “Ski Week”, which means that kids in Marin get the entire week off to go to their second homes in Tahoe to ski (for reals!). For me and my kids, it means a week of being tourists in our own town.  We bowled, overdosed on candy and hot chocolate, played in the [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Even turkeys know that lingerie is important today.  Kiss your sweetheart!  


  We found a juvenile black-crowned night heron hanging out in our magnolia tree. The kids named him Warsplat as an homage to my son’s recent interest in war and for the tremendous showers of crap that the bird rains down on the lawn from time to time.

Girl’s Day Thursdays

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Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week. My four year old daughter, Sidney, goes to pre-school 4 days a week and the weekends are a time for the entire family to spend together but Thursday is special. Thursday is Girl’s Day and until we pick up my son from kindergarten, we are [...]

Fasten Your Seatbelts

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The conversation between me and my 5 year-old son the first time I got behind the wheel after a 20-year hiatus from driving while living in NYC: Leo: “Mom, do you even know how to drive?” Me (defensively): “Of course I do!” Leo: “Then how come I’ve never seen you drive?” Me: “You were in [...]

Lululemon and Patagucci

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Since becoming a mother I have given up many things: free time, sleep, my dignity. But I absolutely refuse to give up my sense of style. When my friend, Mike, learned that I was moving to Marin he warned me, “You won’t be able to wear any of your clothes there. They don’t dress in [...]