Lululemon and Patagucci


Since becoming a mother I have given up many things: free time, sleep, my dignity. But I absolutely refuse to give up my sense of style. When my friend, Mike, learned that I was moving to Marin he warned me, “You won’t be able to wear any of your clothes there. They don’t dress in Marin”. “What do you mean, they don’t dress?” I demanded. “Well”, he said sheepishly, “they mostly wear exercise clothes, you’ll hate it”. I was indignant. Of course I would wear my clothes. I loved my clothes. I’ve been into fashion since I was a little girl and I wasn’t about to change just because I was moving to the ‘burbs.

Well, Mike was right. Many of the women running around Marin were wearing workout clothes. Not only that, but I noticed a specific uniform: Lululemon pants paired with a Patagucci vest. I call it the “Marin Special”. The kicker? On sunny days this outfit usually includes a visor–the Marin Special a la mode.

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!

***Addendum to this post. I have since seen the wisdom in wearing a down vest, which I had long ridiculed as overkill (if it’s not cold enough for sleeves, why wear down at all?) or woefully insufficient (if you need a down jacket, don’t you also need sleeves?). It is the perfect solution for the damp and chilly mornings in a maritime climate but it is also light enough for when it warms up later in the day, rendering a heavier jacket with sleeves unnecessary. Genius! I have also learned first-hand that Lululemon pants make your ass look phenomenal and am especially partial to this pair. I, however, cannot get behind wearing a visor.

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